Microsoft Corporation Software Engineer – Graph Infrastructure in Oslo, Norway

Software Engineer – Graph Infrastructure

Graph Relationships: Software Engineer

We are building graph capabilities into the ASG Substrate which is the core of Office 365. We started by building the graph infrastructure that is powering Delve from the SharePoint fabric. Currently we are deploying the infrastructure needed to power Delve from Exchange mailboxes. Our vision is to let partners within Microsoft utilize our capabilities to unlock the enormous potential in the Office 365 data. To do this we need to create clean effective APIs accessible from microservices running in Azure or other fabrics within Microsoft. The work we are doing is part of the effort of changing Exchange from mailbox servers to an intelligent platform powering a new set of scenarios.

Our team focuses on agility. Not as a buzzword but a way of working: By increasing developer efficiency through test driven and protected development of clean and efficient code. By allowing refactoring when needed to make sure our code base, including tests, are ready for change. By reducing the risk of regressions by extensive test coverage. By having ongoing and open discussions about what is the correct way and why. By having an open environment fostering team work rather than one person one delivery.

Your work in our team includes development, testing, rollout and running our software.

Expertise in one or more of these areas is desired, but not essential:



-Big scale



-OLS Substrate

-Microservice architectures

Development (engineering)